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Our organic-style balloon garlands start at $88 a metre (minimum spend applies), plus a small delivery fee within Brisbane and surrounds. Organic refers to the way different sized balloons are placed in the garland in no obvious pattern. Our price includes small, medium and large balloons.


Hire one of our backdrops or we can attach the balloon garland to one of your own backdrops or suitable structure at your venue.
Extra-large balloons, foil balloons and other specialty balloons are charged individually and can be quoted upon request.
A colour inspo you've provided may be double stuffed. "What is that?" you may ask. Sometimes unique colours require double stuffing to create a custom colour blend. A balloon of one colour is placed inside a balloon of another colour. Double stuffed balloons are calculated at $110 (inc. GST) a metre because twice as many balloons are used, but we'll let you know if a colour needs to be double stuffed.


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